The Look of Pebble-grain Soffit
With a Pleasing Matte Finish

Finish the exterior of your home by accenting the soffit areas with a low-gloss pebble-grain panel. Match or contrast your home’s siding, and enjoy better protection of your roof overhangs and porch ceilings than painted wood can provide.

The panels of D5 Matte Soffit are available in solid, or perforated in full vent styles. Plus, they will never flake or peel, and their pebble non-glare finish never requires painting. You’ll enjoy beauty, distinction and curb appeal for years to come.

Green Approved

Available Colors

Colors featured below are mechanically reproduced.  For color accuracy, please ask your Norandex contractor to provide you with an actual product sample.

Available Colors
WhiteLinenBeigeAlmondTanWheatSand - Premium ColorSandstoneSierra - Premium ColorMusket Brown - Designer Collection
D5 Select Soffit